Legal status: DRISTI FOUNDATION was formed on 6th Oct. 2002, at Bapuji Hall & Library, Puranigudam. Nagaon, with a spontaneous decision by the representatives of the local community and respected peoples and social workers. The organization is a non-poetical, non-communal state level voluntary organization. Which was formed in a aim to work for the rural poor and the development of the rural areas. In Assam 90% of the total population lived in the village areas. Most of them are below poverty line, Even though govt. has taken many notable steps for the up liftment of the Rural people, but no remarkable results can be seen because of the lack of the skill up gradation programmes. For the purpose the organization has provided notable services for the development of the Rural Areas since inception. The organization is trying to give continuous services for the welfare of the people by various developmental Activities.

Registration : The organization was registered under the societies Registration Act 1860.

The Executive Committee & its Duration :
The executive committee of DRISTI FOUNDATION was formed with 21 members for three years term by the annual general meeting. The Executive committee is also formed to guide the organization developmental Activities. Md. Dilwar Hazarika & Ms. Nafisa Hussain are founder president & secretary of the organization till date. The present president of the organization is Mrs. Taramai Bora Saikia.

DRISTI FOUNDATIONíS BLOCK & FLAG : DRISTI FOUNDATION had prepared its logo by drawing a globe with a map of India in it & holding the globe with two hands. It is followed by the motto of the organization '' selfless help glorifies Humanity '' .The block drawn in a green silk cloth.

FOUNDATION DAY: The organization has been observing 6th October, in every year as the foundation .

Mission: DRISTI FOUNDATIONís Mission is to ensure sustainable livelihood for the poor families by utilizing local resources and skill up gradation with community participation. Development of the community from the cultural and scientific aspects is one of the prime motto of the organization.